Contesting a Will

If you suspect that your late loved one’s will does not accurately reflect his/her intent, you have the right to challenge the will. A Florida will contest attorney can assist you with the overall process to protect both your late loved one’s interest and your own.

Will Contests in Florida

In most cases, will contests in Florida are necessary when family members suspect that the will of their deceased loved one does not match the their intended desires. If you believe that a will does not reflect the sincere requests of your late loved one, you have the right to challenge the will.

Challenging Wills in Florida

If you rightfully believe that your deceased loved one was under undue influence, drugs/alcohol, or generally lacked the capacity and proper judgement to make sound decisions, or if you believe that your deceased loved one’s will was drafted under fraudulent circumstances, you have the right to challenge his/her will in the state of Florida.

How to contest a will: You must successfully prove that the will was drafted under illegitimate and/or improper conditions. The first thing that you should do is contact an experienced will contest attorney who is well versed in Florida probate laws.

Why You Need a Will Contest Lawyer

If you desire to challenge a will, you should be aware that you will be entering a lengthy and tedious process. An experienced probate attorney can make your overall process easier and prevent detrimental effects. Here is what a trustworthy will contest attorney can do for you.

Thoroughly Investigate

Because it is difficult to determine the intent of a person who is no longer alive, thorough investigations are keen to successfully challenging a will. Lawyers have access to multiple people within the community, including medical experts and specialists. If necessary, they can bring such members to court and/or other private meetings to verify medical records and speak on the general state of mind/psychological health of your late loved one. Attorneys for challenging a will are also able to interview family members with ease. These individuals can provide additional support and testimony to relationships among and between your late loved one and others. They are often more willing to provide information to people in authority, such as lawyers, as opposed to general friends and family.

Advocate on Your Behalf

If you believe that your late loved one’s assets are not properly accounted for, or if there appears to be discrepancies or unusual fiduciaries present in the will, you need a Florida will contest lawyer to verify the legitimacy of the will. If there is anything invalid provided in the will, an experienced will contest lawyer can advocate for the rights of both your deceased loved one and your own share of assets.

Prevent Unforeseen Disadvantages

If you challenge a will and you are unsuccessful, you may face a series of disadvantages. In most cases, an unsuccessful will challenge results in a “no-contest clause.” This means that the will is considered valid. However, because of you have challenged the will, and ultimately failed, the “no-contest clause” will prevent you from receiving any of the assets in the will (even if a share is specifically provided for you). This is a major risk, but with an experienced Florida will contest attorney, you can rest assured that these unlikely considerations will not happen to you.

Will Contest Attorneys in Gainesville, FL

If you suspect that your deceased member’s will does not reflect his/her true desires and needs, you have a responsibility to protect his/her assets and property. Experienced Florida will contest attorneys at Silverman, Mack & Associates can assist you with this process, ensuring that both your late loved one’s assets and your own inheritance is properly accounted for and distributed.

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