Florida Ancillary Administration

Florida is a state where many people own vacation homes and other property, even though their primary residence is outside of the state. When a non-Florida resident dies and owns assets located in Florida, our law firm can assist with the ancillary administration process required to distribute the property according to the decedent's final wishes.

Probate Lawyers Serving Clients In Any Location

At The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates , we take pride in our ability to serve clients in any location. Due to our use of remote technologies, we are able to handle probate matters for out-of-state clients just as efficiently and cost-effectively as we do for those located in Florida. We have represented the estate of many vacation homeowners, real estate investors and former Florida residents who own property in Florida.

The ancillary probate administration process can be very straightforward or more complex, depending on the nature of the estate. Upon hiring our firm, an experienced Florida ancillary administration lawyer will assess the estate and help you understand what steps need to be taken to move through the process as efficiently as possible.

What is Florida Probate?

Probate is the legal term used to describe the process of locating, identifying and distributing the debts, assets and property of a deceased person. This work is typically done by probate lawyers who are skillful in wills, trusts and other legal documents.

How Long Does Probate Take?

The average time for the probate process is six months, however, the time can vary depending on the unique circumstances of the family and the deceased person. Sometimes, new information pertaining to assets and/or discrepancies in a deceased person’s will and/or property can prolong the probate process. Florida probate rules require special investigation into these types of matters. An experienced probate lawyer at The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates can help your family understand these complex laws and ensure that the assets of your deceased loved one go into the right hands.

Ancillary Administration Processes

Ancillary administration is the process of distributing a deceased person’s assets and/or property within another state. Ancillary probate can be difficult to disburse because of varying probate laws across state boundaries. For example, a non-resident of Florida may own property in Florida, and will thus need an experienced probate lawyer to assist with the proper legal distribution.

Ancillary administration s different from Florida formal administration and summary administration because of the interstate property that it deals with. In addition, ancillary administration often involves heavily priced estate of decedents.

Admitting The Foreign Will To Record Throughout Florida

"Admitting the foreign will to record" is an abbreviated form of ancillary administration that is a convenient and expedited option for some small estates. It is best to contact our probate law firm to find out if an estate qualifies for this option. Admitting the foreign will to record is typically appropriate when an out-of-state decedent passed away with a will and the majority of the estate was probated in another state, but there is property located in the state of Florida. The court will likely order the transfer of property according to the will — this is referred to as "admitting the foreign will to record."

Contact Our Probate Lawyers

The process of ancillary administration in Florida can be extremely complex. An experienced probate lawyer can assist your family by ensuring that all forms of paperwork are properly filed, investigate (if necessary), and ensure that your deceased loved one’s assets are protected and properly distributed.

At The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates , our trustworthy probate attorneys have many years of experience with the ancillary administration process in Florida. Contact us today for valuable legal representation.