Unclaimed Funds in Florida

At The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, our probate attorneys help people who have received notification of a deceased loved one's unclaimed funds in Florida. We often work with people who were managing a family member's estate and came across a letter from the department of treasury regarding unclaimed funds of some sort — from money in bank accounts to stocks and bonds, payroll money, tax refunds or other various funds.

Florida Unclaimed Funds Process

If you believe you may be the next of kin and, therefore, the beneficiary of these unclaimed funds, contact our Gainesville law firm for assistance. We will help you determine what steps to take to claim the funds and guide you through the process. In most cases involving unclaimed funds, the probate attorney's fees and costs can be deferred which means that the probate law firm is paid with estate funds at the time the probate matter is concluded. In other words, you would not be required to pay for the attorney's fees and costs up-front.

How to Claim A Deceased Family Member's Unclaimed Funds

If the amount of unclaimed funds in Florida is relatively small — for example, a few thousand dollars — claiming the funds is usually a simple process. Through a summary administration, which is an expedited form of probate in Florida, we can help you obtain an order from the court establishing who the beneficiaries of the unclaimed funds should be.

It is important to know that without a court order, you will not be able to make a claim on a deceased family member's funds.

After a court order has been obtained, a claim form must be completed by the beneficiaries and submitted along with proof of identification, including driver's licenses and Social Security numbers of all beneficiaries.

Probate Lawyers in Gainesville, FL

At The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, our Gainesville attorneys will walk you through the process in an efficient and cost-effective manner, helping to avoid disputes and legal setbacks that could put the unclaimed funds in jeopardy.