Florida Probate

There is nothing more devastating than losing a loved one. When a death of a family member or friend occurs, there are many things that have to get done. You must make funeral arrangements, notify others, and work on reading and distributing the requirements of your deceased loved one’s will. On top of that, there may be heavy feelings of grief and emotional unease. The entire process can be extremely overwhelming. Fortunately, with the assistance of an experienced probate lawyer, the process can become simplified and even more efficient.

Florida Probate Lawyers

At The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, we offer a focused probate administration practice with attorneys dedicated exclusively to this unique area of law. Nearly every form of probate in Florida requires an attorney. Clients turn to our probate law firm for experienced, efficient and cost-effective representation in this unique and complex area of law. Our many years of experience, our in-depth knowledge of Florida probate law and our use of cutting-edge technologies all contribute to our ability to provide extremely efficient services at a reasonable rate.

The Probate Process In Florida

What is probate?

Probate is the legal term for the proving and/or establishing the validity of a will. It involves close reading and lots of paperwork to ensure that the right people are being granted the amount of monetary inheritance and/or property that was intended and specified by the decedent's will. It may also involve investigation and thorough research to ensure that all of the deceased person’s accounts, assets and debts are accounted for.

Generally, the probate process in Florida involves the following responsibilities:

  • Locating and identifying assets
  • Paying estate debts
  • Notifying heirs and beneficiaries
  • Disbursing property and assets to the intended heirs

How long does probate take?

In the state of Florida, the probate administration process typically takes about four to six weeks. However, probate disputes can often prolong the process due to a variety of factors such as unwillingness to compromise, lack of cooperation, and even improper or late filing of paperwork. The probate process may also be extended if new financial information is revealed during the overall process. In these sort of extreme probate cases, expert probate litigation, negotiation and advocacy is required. As a result, the probate process can last up to four months.

Upon hiring the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, our skilled probate lawyers will meet with you to discuss the estate's assets, debts and approximate value. We will then help you determine which form of probate is most appropriate for the estate and guide you through the process.

We also provide representation for heirs or concerned family members interested in contesting a will. If you believe your loved one created his or her will under duress, had a lack of mental capacity or was under the influence of drugs/alcohol, contact our office. We are experienced in proving undue influence in a variety of probate cases.

Florida Probate Information

If you are interested in learning more about probate in Florida, we invite you to review the following information:

The majority of estates in Florida require a personal representative to manage the probate process. If a personal representative has not been named in a will, contact our firm for assistance. If a personal representative has been appointed, this person must take action, along with an experienced attorney, to complete the probate.

Services For Other Attorneys

The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates regularly works with other attorneys who require probate assistance in the state of Florida:

No matter what your unique circumstance may be, we have the resources, skills, and experience to represent you during this significant time in your life.

Highly Qualified Probate Attorneys in Gainesville, FL

At the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, we understand the difficulty that your family may be experiencing. We are committed to the probate process in the state of Florida and will do everything within the domains of our legal power to represent you and ensure that your deceased loved one’s assets are identified and distributed the way he/she would have desired.

The probate process can be stressful and tedious, but with the assistance of an experienced probate lawyer, you will have much less to worry about. We proudly serve Gainesville, FL, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We would be honored to help you.